Why Us

Why choose guidance from Employment Compliance Strategies, LLC?

Employment Compliance Strategies, LLC is owned by Yvette Gibbons, Esq., an African-American businesswoman and attorney.  We support businesses as they navigate the employment compliance tightrope. Our services include workplace training, internal investigations, workplace climate studies and alternative dispute resolution.

Yvette is sensitive to diverse populations, genders, and backgrounds, articulate when giving advice, and personable in delivery. With her feet planted comfortably in two worlds, Yvette offers unmatched perspective in issues of employment and employment related matters.

You can depend on Yvette to effortlessly address the challenging issues of colorism and various characteristics within a community. She can answer questions like, what’s the difference between the descriptors African vs. African-Americans? Or Latino, Latina, or Latinx vs. Hispanic? She also encourages participants to explore their own preconceptions, like unconscious bias and microaggressions. Her own struggles with gender and racial discrimination throughout her life make her adept at sharing with your inter-generational teams how far our nation has come and how far we still must travel.  Yvette’s lived experience and personable delivery earns her credibility in audiences of diverse age, genders, and racial and ethnic backgrounds. 

For more than two decades, our Tier 1 diverse firm has been a trusted source of counsel and education.  We offer clear strategies attuned to the practical realities of contemporary American business.  Employment Compliance Strategies, LLC, available onsite and remotely, is fully-versed in the legal foundations and current case law surrounding employment issues, including equal employment opportunity, biases, harassment, age-ism, disabilities and all other employment-related issues.   

Contact us and let’s work together to address your employment related needs and wants.