A critical component of litigation avoidance is responding to employment claims promptly, dispassionately and objectively. ECS conducts investigations of internal complaints filed by employees, as well as employee complaints filed with governmental agencies. ECS also conducts investigations that are the result of charges brought directly by governmental agencies. ECS’s investigative skills allow management to make timely decisions based on a comprehensive investigation and to preserve applicable affirmative defenses should subsequent litigation occur.


ECS provides executives, managers, directors and other supervisory personnel with the latest information regarding specific federal, state and local employment laws that affect businesses on a daily basis. ECS can assist managers and supervisory personnel in recognizing early manifestations of potential problems so that timely and appropriate action can be taken. In addition, ECS trains non-supervisory personnel in their responsibilities as employees and coworkers.  ECS also offers one-on-one training and coaching for employees at all levels of management.



Employment disputes, when allowed to fester, can cause disruption in the workplace, lower productivity and diminish employee morale. Finding an expeditious way to avoid the inevitable drain on management’s time, as it tries to resolve these matters, is a compelling reason to consider alternative dispute resolution. As a third-party neutral, ECS can mediate and arbitrate employee disputes economically and expeditiously. ECS helps companies resolve employment controversies without resorting to the uncertainty and expense of litigation. If your company does not have a dispute resolution procedure in place, ECS can help you establish one as an integral component of your litigation avoidance program.




ECS understands that companies want to promote Diversity and Inclusion. ECS can assist with establishing company-wide practices that support a diverse workplace while establishing and maintaining an inclusive workplace environment that ensures fair and respectful treatment of each employee.